Pemberton Trails

Updated: April 6, 2014
It's on! Access via Happy and Waco are clear, lower south-side trails are clear.
Roads are poor.
Trail NameConditionDetails
Mosquito Lake North (Jim Jam, etc.)Open
Happy TrailOpen
Upper and Lower Indy 500Partial
Blood Sweat and FearOpen
Lower MackenzieOpen
CreampuffPartialPoor access - road up from Mosquito Lake is snowy.
Grumpy GrousePartialPoor access
Middle Earth Closed
Big NIMBY (aka Upper Happy, includes 'Let it Go'PartialClear through to Back Pains, snow well before Let It Go.
Bob GnarlyOpen
Meat GrinderPartialPoor access
Mackenzie FSRClosedMore snow on the roads than the trails!
Mission Impossible/Radio Tower/Moosejah/Crosstown TrafficOpen
One Mile Lake Trails (Lumpy’s, K2 etc.)OpenNot sure about the bottom of Lumpy's, but Newsflash etc. are all GTG
Waco ConnectorOpen
EconolineOpenPoor access
Upper Mackenzie Cruise, Cop KillerClosed
Overnight Sensation
Rusty Trombone
ClosedThe trail itself is probably clear - who's going to push through?
Meat GrinderPartialPoor access

Duffy Lake Road Snowshoe Routes

The Duffy Lake Road (highway 99 north from Pemberton to Lillooet) climbs steeply from the Pemberton valley, gaining about 3500 feet of altitude over 16 km. A half-hour drive from Pemberton, at Cayoosh Pass old logging roads reach into the side valleys, providing gentle open spaces that are ideal for snowshoe and XC routes. More adventurous snowshoers can tackle the Joffre Lakes trail, which climbs past three lakes right to the alpine. Copies of this map are available at the shop, as are rental snowshoes.

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