Whistler Trail Guide 2013

Whistler’s guide to bike trails, openings and locations.
Note:Trail openings are at the mercy of mother nature. If you know of a trail opening that we don’t, send us an email twitter or Facebook message.

Westside Trails

Trails near Stonebridge, Alta Lake Road, Whistler Cay, Nesters, and Alpine.
Updated March 21, 2014/strong>
Trails are closed - go to Pemberton!
Trail NameConditionDetails
A River Runs Through Itclosed
Bart's Dark Trailclosed
Billy Epicclosed
Cat Scratch Feverclosed
Cheap Thrillsclosed
Cut Yer Barsclosed
Emerald Forestclosed
Rainbow Flank Trailclosed
Industrial Diseaseclosed
Lower Sproutclosed
Mel's Dilemmaclosed
Get Over Itclosed
Bob's Rebobclosed
Whip me Snip Meclosed
Mandatory Suicideclosed
Beaver Passclosed
Blueberry Trailclosed
Three Birdsclosed
A Piece of Cakeclosed
High Societyclosed

Northend Trails

Mountain Bike Trails near, Whistler Village, Emerald and Green lake.
Updated March 21, 2014

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Trail NameConditionDetails
Anal intruderclosed
Big Kahunaclosed
Comfortably Numbclosed
Green Lake Loopclosed
Kill Me Thrill Meclosed
No Girly Manclosed
North Secretclosed
Section 102closed
Shit Happensclosed
Young Lustclosed
White Knucklesclosed
Zappa Trailsclosed

SouthEnd Trails

Mountain Bike Trails near Whistler Creekside, Kadenwood, Bayshores, Function Junction, Cheakamus Crossing and Callaghan.
Updated March 21, 2014

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Trail NameConditionDetails
Babylon by BikeClosed
Crater Rimclosed
Far Sideclosed
High Lineclosed
Loggers Lakeclosed
Ride Don't SlideClosed
Ridge Trailclosed
River Sideclosed
Tunnel Visionclosed
Big Timberclosed
Khyber PassClosed
Train Wreckclosed

Whistler Trailhead Map

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