The Bralorne Time Traveler

An odd picture on the internet caught the attention of much of the paranormal world this summer.  Part of the Bralorne Museum’s on-line galleries, some thought the picture proof of a time traveler, who for some reason thought the most important thing going on in the world that day was the opening of the new bridge across the Bridge River.  Though most of the hints of his origins in the present were quickly discounted – his ‘digital’ camera is a Browning, his ‘funky shades’ were glacier glasses, etc. – the meme persists.  How big did this get?  It is the most-searched for item on the Russian internet.

And that brought a TV documentary crew to Bralorne last week, where they actually found the original photo (nobody knew where it was, leading to speculation it was all a photoshop prank).  Now they are back in Russia, and are promoting the documentary.  Here’s the trailer, just make up a translation as you watch, it’s more fun.

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  1. Bjorn Naylor

    bralorne. the paranormal capital of canada…isn’t that a given already!?

    Dec. 3 2010

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