Some NIMBY50 Pictures

The results haven’t been posted yet The results are here.  I missed most of the race (in the shop), but I did manage to get a few photos at the finish line. The racers really seemed to enjoy the course, even with the (very) wet conditions, and I think this race will generate some serious buzz regarding Pemby riding.

1st and 2nd place:

Catharine Pendrel takes 1st:

Catharine after the race; she was seriously jazzed on Pemby:

Top Bike Co. rider Matt Bodkin:

Most of the course was in great shape, but the last 500 meters across the field was a grind:

After loosing his granny ring at the half-way point, Kevin still managed to be the first hard-tail across the line – though looking a little worse-for-wear:


Thanks Bike Co. for some great service support yesterday! Results are online now here:

matt bodkin

first hardtail across the line was neil kindree in third place
kevin was the first guy with a beard riding a hardtail!!

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