Pemby Trail Update

Since the skiing is starting to deteriorate rapidly the biking in Pemberton is improving exponentially. Here is what i know:

Happy Trail- Waco Connector- Nimby to Bob Gnarly-Upper Indy-Hawaii- Indy 500- Blood Sweet and Fear…. are all good to go. Yesterday i  saw tracks leading further up Nimby from Bob Gnarly intersection so i’m sure there is potential there up to those creek crossings…

On the other side of the Mckenzie-  Radio Tower-Nite Rider- Moose Jaw- Mission 2 +3 – are great right now.

Haven’t explored the Econoline-Cream puff zone yet , but imagine the road access is still goopy but trails would be ready to go…

If anyone out there has more beta….comment below. Thanks!

Ride Natty Ride!

Top of Happy Trail- biker babe!





Whoa!!!!!!! v.2

The Unicorn and the Dolphin

I’ve always had something for unicorns. And narwhals for that matter! Twisted but good.

Some 29er shredding

So here you go JI show me some 650 b vid like this if you can find one !!!!

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