Pinned in Pemberton

Brendan Howey in Pemberton, BC from Rupert Walker on Vimeo.

Brendan is pinned and looking smooth , just one of the pemby edits to hit the media in the last few days .Heres another

Introducing the Instinct MSL from Rocky Mountain Bicycles on Vimeo.

Here’s Wade showcasing the new rocky bandwagon .

nimby fifty video

2013 Nimby50 from Connor Macleod on Vimeo.

Enjoi !

May 13 Pemberton Temp Trail Closures

With the heavy rains of the last few days we’re starting to see some localized flooding.

The Lillooet River is running very high and is full of debris from the Meager landslide.  Please stay away from the Bathtub trail and CN bridge; access the trails from the gravel pit.  I’d avoid Stimulus  – the road from the bottom is not protected by dikes and is likely underwater.

The Green River and Pemberton Cr. are out of their banks near their confluence and the bottom of Lumpy’s is underwater.

Whistler Shop Now Open for our 20th Season!

We’re a little late opening the Whistler shop this season – it’s our twentieth season in the bike biz, and to celebrate we’ve had our heads down working on renovating the store.

All new displays and cabinets, and a new floor!

All new displays and cabinets, and a new floor!

We’re still setting up, but the shop is open for business, including repairs.
Come on by and say hello!


Let’s see how long we can keep everything organized…

Actual Trail Gnomes Photographed!

Thanks to everyone who came out for the PVTA’s spring Trail Day on Saturday. A huge crowd was on hand for breakfast on a surprisingly nice morning, and moved out across the valley to work on trails like Newsflash, Crosstown Traffic, Waco, and more. The new blue downhill off of the NIMBY was opened – folks were stoked!

Amazingly, Kevin Glavas captured a shot of the mythical trail gnomes at work:

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