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How Champions are Made

PVTA General Meeting Wednesday March 14

The Pemberton Valley Trails Association is having their Annual General Meeting next Wednesday, March 14, 7 pm at the Pemberton Community Centre. We’ll be electing new board members, discussing large-scale projects for 2012 (like the Mt. Currie hiking route) and planning the trail maintenance regime for the season.

The PVTA needs your support, be it in the form of membership, providing input re: trail maintenance or even becoming a board member. Come on out and join the team.

Bike Co. Web Store

“Can I have some money now?”

       -Homer Simpson, on starting his internet business


The Bike Co. is happy to announce the opening of our new web store!  We’re still not entirely sure what the final form will be, what started as  a handy way for people to buy Bike Co. T-shirts and socks has undergone a bit of mission creep, branching into components and even ski gear.  Right now we’re going to concentrate on harder to find gear from smaller companies, stuff that you don’t see online in Canada very often.

Locals will still probably want to come into the store, but may want to check out the Clearouts section, where we’re going to post the real deals – things like an OEM Fox 32 Float fork (off of a Trance X) for only $350.  Pop by often, you’ll never know what you’ll find!


Pemby Trail Update March 10

Few trail updates/maintenence reports from the Nimby50 guys:
– Dean walked Lumpys and chain sawed out all the blowdown! schweet.
– he also cleared Sphincter-Econoline- Grumpy Grouse (to the first chute).
– and Dan and Big Rad Brad have been busy buffing MooseJah and working on their new trail-left at the top of Mission 2 (not sure of the name but heard it will be called Hand Holders or something like that…)
Thx guys. Keep it up.

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