After a good day skiing all i want to do is get some Apres

Goin’ for a rip are ya buds??!!


Another sweet video in Pemberton

Dh Action in Pemberton

Thomson Dropper Seat Post Review

The Thomson Dropper post has been on my bike now for about a month. I put it on for a variety of reasons, the primary one being that I value Thomson products for their quality, performance and reliability. The fact that it looks dope was a close second! In the hallowed halls of the Urban Dictionary lexicography, the word schiznitz is used to describe something that is the greatest, is THE shit, is the best in its class. To utilize it in a sentence would go something like ; “My homey came over last night with a case of Bud; he’s the schiznitz.” The Thomson post is the schiznitz ,or as I like to say, the schizzle. Why you ask? Well ,the thing is buttery smooth and doesn’t almost dislocate your thumb to activate. The lever is small yet perfectly located for ergonomic ease. As a result of these two key factors, you can do minute trim adjustments more fluidly and easily.This, I believe. is the beautiful part of seat post droppers- to be able to just take a hair off the length here and there as you traverse techy terrain.This is what separates the men from the boys in the dropper arms race and Thomson comes out on top. As far as dependability goes, it’s been 100% consistent and is only showing very slight lateral side-to-side play.

With a hefty price tag this puppy isn’t for everybody but damn it’s the schizzle ! I give it two thumbs up.


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