Pete’s Shiny New Chromag Surface

FINALLY Pete has put together his Chromag Suraface. Nice build with a jaw dropping weight of 26.14 lbs!!!The only pewter frame out there.

Crispy pewter finish.

XTR is sweet.

Surface's have been surfacing regularily in Pemby/Whis environs.

XTR again....can't get enuf of that shite.

The Boys in the bright white sports car!!!

What’s old is new again. That means you’re OLD.

Audi EBike

Would you ride one?

Could the ebike actually find a home in the mountains? Audi seems to think so, having created this amazing carbon fibre prototype. With over 5″ of travel, 3hp and weighing just 21kg (46lbs) – featherweight for an ebike – this thing is an electronic marvel. In ‘pure’ mode it acts as a traditional pedal bike; in ‘EGrip’ mode the bike provides all the power up to 31mph, while ‘pedalec’ mode combines pedal and electric power for frightening top speed of 50mph!

Audi engineers had some fun with the on-board computers and added two ‘wheely’ modes, using the engine and braking systems to electronically balance the bike for extra fun. Here’s trials rider extrodinare Julien Dupont:

Original article.

Stevie Smith Rides Pemberton

Here’s a good video of Steve Smith (Devinci rider) and Ian Morrison riding in Pemberton. Shot mostly on Owl Ridge, with some misc Pemby on the side.

Ian Morrison, meet Steve Smith on

How a Bicycle is Made

God I love the internet – thanks to the British Film Council for posting! Original from 1945.

How a Bicycle is Made (1945) from British Council Film on Vimeo.

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