Chariot Recall

We’ve sold a lot of these over the years… and pretty much all of them are about to be recalled.  The bike attachment part, all of them from 2002 onwards, and some of the trailers themselves.

Seems the bike attachments can fail around the push-button quick release, and on some trailers the grey plastic where the arms mount can fail.

I thought I’d pass this along now, even if it’s not official (Chariot’s replacement plan still needs government approval).  As soon as we know what the procedure is we’ll let you know.

Whether you continue to use yours is up to you – it’s a voluntary recall, but I would have a good close look at the attachment arm and its receiver.

Here are the trailers affected:

2006-2010 CX1 and CX2  serial # 1205-xxxx to 0710-xxxx

2006-2010 Cougar 1 and Cougar 2  serial # 1205-xxxx to 0710-xxxx

2006-2010 Cheetah 1 and Cheetah 2 serial # 1205-xxxx to 0710-xxxx

2008-2009 CSL  serial # ALL

2006-2010 Cabriolet  serial # 1205-xxxx to 0710-xxxx

2006-2010 Corsaire XL  serial #1205-xxxx to 0710-xxxx

And ALL attachment arms with a quick release button.

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