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Slopeside Boys Scaring the Shit out of Pusle at Work

Scaring Pulse at Work EPISODE #14

Another new Bike Co. T!

Another new design, just in time for the holidays.  There’s something else new too…

World Powder 8’s With Lisa and Lee-Anne

Remember the Powder 8’s?  Yes kids, back in the day we actually competed to see who could make the most perfect turns.  Well, the twinkies did, anyway.  Here’s a couple of hot Level 4 Whistler instructors training for the big comp.  Not sure of the date, they’re on straight skis, no sign of shape so I’m assuming around 1994.


Friends of Shames: A Skiers Tale

Friends of Shames

A sweet little flick by Manley on the trials of Shames Mtn…


Phrase of the Day

And the phrase of the day is… ‘butt chugging’. I am not making this up. I suspect someone is, but it’s not me!

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