Tour of Flanders Highlights.

On Sunday the Tour of Flanders saw Spartacus slay all comers as he powered his way to victory. A right cracker, i say!!!

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Giant wins Paris-Nice opener

Giant showed what their new TT bike can do in the prologue of Sundays Paris-Nice race. Lars Boom of Rabobank put er down ahead of luminaries such as Levi, Contador, Wiggins and Millar. He was also sporting the new Durace D12 electronic shifting from Shimano. Well, if ya got 20k or so to blow, come on down to Pemby and we’ll order one!

I'm gonna puke soon.

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Shuttlers – Slow the *&%( Down!

I don’t mean on the trails, I mean on the roads around Mosquito Lake. The complaints have already started to come into the shop and I don’t want to hear them. There is absolutely no reason to drive like fucking lunatics on Reid Road or the McKenzie FSR.   There are riders, hikers, dogs and kids on these roads, as well as local residents who shouldn’t have to deal with a bunch of numbnuts who think they’re WRC stars. Just because it’s a gravel road doesn’t mean you have to drift the corners.  Shuttlers have a bad enough rep around here without you making all of us mountain bikers look like inconsiderate jerks. Smarten up.

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