Yeah Sombrio Kit…

Chris at whistlermountainbike.com whipped together this little video featuring a full Sombrio kit. The Pinner shorts are very well thought out and include a zippered cell pocket and retractable park pass attachment. I also like the fit as semi-tight so they dont get caught up around the seat or handlebars when doing can-cans or supermans. The Deciple Jersey is well articulated, cool and as an added bonus, hangs dry in about 1 minute! The Alps socks are full merino; hot when cold/cool when hot. Ruckus gloves actually fit the hand uniformly not like some manufactured out there. All available at the Whistler Bike Co. Enjoy…


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Portraits of the Day – The 6am Chronicles

Being a dad now has necessitated many solo early morning rides. Just me, the tunes, the bears and loads of time to think up trash to add to the Internet diaspora. Without a GPS (currently on order), I estimate today’s ride at 35KMs; door to door I only crossed the highway once and didn’t even ride a single strip of road. How lucky we are here in Whistler.

After a linker through Lost Lake and up the WB service road, I found myself dropping into Upper Crank It Up at 7:35am to The Dead’s ‘Morning Dew.’ Apropos considering the perfect tacky trail quality thanks to the, ehem, morning dew. Without dropping right down to the vil, a quick up up via Easy Does it to Northwest Passage. An old fav that surely has not seen much traffic this year. Took this all the way to Kadenwood and was graced by a random Joni Mitchell song: ‘Chelsea Morning.’ The title of this post gives the gem a little nod. Took the connector to Tunnel Vision, back up Kadenwood to ‘Big Timber.’ I wont be the one to spill the beans but somewhere in this neck of the woods, while listening to Bob’s ‘Kaya’, I stumbled upon quite a sight: what you might call a spartin, suspended tree-orb-dwelling-peace-den. Someone put a lot of thought and work into this…kudos. I am sure the 5000 sqft homes nearby wont mind a bit!  

Under the highway to the Valley Trail (VT) to the Stonebridge climb. A quick ’99er lap, back up Stonebridge to Danimal, Whip Me Snip Me, ReBob, Get Over It!, VT and home via Cut Yer Bars. While The National churned out ‘Racing Like a Pro’ I witnessed a black bear standing up and scratching is back on a tree. Didnt mind my slow crawl up Whip Me Snip Me but only 20 feet away from him. I think he might have smiled.   

A good day in the saddle. Now, for a 10 am cuppa and back to being a dad.

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Bike Lane Madness.

A biker posted this film on youtube after being ticketed for riding his bike in downtown New York City.

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