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Duffey Lake Road – It Begins!

Looks like winter to me…

Boney Approaches, I Would Think

Dan and the dogs shredding the old gold(dark forest)

Here’s a self shot vid from dan the man skogland before dark forest was taken out by some new development


Found This…

…in my paperwork. Couldn’t resist.

Manager Sean Velnes didn't remember code

Team Fun Hog Fondo Beatdown!

Greg McDonnell aka: G Mac (Bike Co. Rider and Giant Ambassador) crosses the Fondo finish line triumphant after Team Fun Hog successfully defended its title in the 2011 RBC GranFondo Whistler. Also pictured: (L-R) Scott Hall, Marla Zucht, Guy Patterson and James Hallisey.

Big Wheels Do Rule

So after getting to try Mr Martin’s steed i was super impressep with it ! The bike was a great climber and did not feel as long as it looked , i was trying to force it in to stituations were you would normally think it would not work but it seemed to power through. At speed in the rough pemby bumps and loose powder the bike seemed to stay on top of all the holes (awesome)and track straight and narrow . So my verdict is shit i need a new bike ! any one wanna buy me one ?

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