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I realize the Canuck fan base has been criticized for being fickle, thin skinned and generally a bit whiney….but this video gets to the bottom of the question. They are plain STOOPID.(couldn’t resist…)

Stuck in the Middle with You

Ya got JC playing the drums, a slide guitar player using a beer bottle and some not so subtle subliminal messaging going on in this classic 70’s video. And it sure sounds like Bob Dylan!!!

650 Madness

Perusing some 650B sites and came upon this testimonial from a 3 month old 650B bicycle owner:

3 Month Follow up:

I absolutely love this bike! 650b wheels ROCK! I’ve been having more fun on this bike than any previous bike I’ve ever owned! My 29er is gathering dust and will be torn down in March when my second 650b frame arrives.


Wow. We are behind the curve here….When will The Revolution Be Televised??????

Keep our Composure!

Brings a tear to my eye:

Muckulence….nuf said…


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