Bottle Cap Blues

Bong rules.

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Unicorns and Rainbows….new Bike Co Manager!

Check out the fella i just hired to manage the Whistler store this summer. You can come in anytime and get blown by a unicorn.

Clip clop don't stop.

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Inchoate meanderings….

I don’t know why, but today i started thinking about the Softride.  Remember those bikes?!! Looked Weird. I never really knew what to make of them. Thought they were kinda gay actually if the truth were to be told. But they must have worked….kinda. So i searched our loyal and trusty purveyor of arcanery and shit you thought u were done with- the internet. And of course i came up with the obligatory Softride/Allsop pic:


But i also came up with something softer and  plushier:

Canary yellow was the "IN" color in 1988....hey it is again in 2012!!!

But also found something a bit harder and more provocative….yeah!!!!

Boing....but in a different way!

Okay okay, i’m getting infantile here. So who rides these things anyways??

naked recumbent hippies ride these bikes

Sorry  getting off track here. The Softride was actually the center piece of  a BIKE magazine running article called The Shit Bike.  They took this bike and gave it to pro riders to thrash.  Ryan Leech actually had a go. So i googled Shit Bike and this is the FIRST image the googleator came up with:

Yup. That's a shit bike right there.

It wasn’t until image #60 did the engine of search find the real Shit Bike:

In all her regal beauty.

And these are the types you would expect to bump into on a shit bike:

Tandem softride.

But would bypass them quickly to chat up Anna on her semi- Softride ( but also a shit bike btw).

Nothing left to say....



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