Getting rad with LEGO

Get rad in your living room with with concept kit from an indy lego designer. With 10000 votes this Downhill biking set could be a reality. Though it’s a little heavy on the UK bias, let’s see Whistler Bike Park sponsor the idea and get Joyride, Schleyer or Freight Train model out there.

LEGO Downhill Bike Concept

LEGO Downhill Bike Concept Sam Hill minifig

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World Powder 8’s With Lisa and Lee-Anne

Remember the Powder 8’s?  Yes kids, back in the day we actually competed to see who could make the most perfect turns.  Well, the twinkies did, anyway.  Here’s a couple of hot Level 4 Whistler instructors training for the big comp.  Not sure of the date, they’re on straight skis, no sign of shape so I’m assuming around 1994.


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